Which Tablet is Right for Me

Which Tablet is Right for Me

A tablet computer is a portable and mobile computer device that is just made up of a touchscreen display. It may come with other sensors and ports like a camera, a microphone, or speakers. It’s very easy to use because all you have to do is use your finger or a stylus that comes with it. It’s very direct and straightforward. You point, click, drag, and type directly on screen.

It really depends on what you want to do with the tablet computer. Tablet computers may come in various specifications and here are some common types of tablet computers you can choose from.


The slate comes in different sizes ranging from 6 inches to 18.4 inches. A portable computer accepts hand-printed lettering operated by the bare fingers or a stylus. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab series, Sony Xperia Z, and the iPad Pro all work in the same way.

Mini Tablet

These tablet computers are smaller and lighter compared to the slates. It is usually just between 7-8 inches. Examples of mini tablet are the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Tablet, Google’s Nexus 7, and the iPad Mini.


As you can see by the name, phablet is a crossover of a phone and a tablet. It’s basically a touchscreen smartphone that has larger screens, usually spanning more than 5 inches. Examples of phablet are: Dell Streak and LG Optimus Vu.

Convertible, Hybrid, 2-in-1

Have you seen laptops where you can detach the screen and turn it into a tablet? Just like the Surface Pro of Microsoft and the Lenovo Yoga series. From the name itself, you can convert the device into a laptop or a tablet. If you use it as a laptop, your display remains as a touch screen. Regarding the operating system, since it is a convertible, it would usually run PC operating system.

Gaming tablet

Gaming consoles and gadgets have been around since time immemorial. With the touchscreen technology, the gaming industry also evolved. There are now many games playable only via a touchscreen interface. It really improves the gaming experience. Examples of gaming tablet are Nvidia’s Shield Tablet, which has an 8-inch display. Maker of the legendary Gameboy, Nintendo also created the Nintendo switch, which is a gaming tablet.


Booklets are like laptops or convertible tablets only that instead of a keyboard, it’s another touchscreen. Microsoft Courier, which was discontinued in 2010, had a dual touch screen. Sony Tablet P and Toshiba Libretto W100 featuring a clamshell design are a booklet type of tablet computers.

Did you know that some businesses have tablets customized for their specific company needs? Yes, it happens. There are many customized business tablets around, so don’t be surprised if you see one.

Factors to consider in choosing a tablet

When you are choosing a tablet, there are certain factors to consider. Check out what you need to know.

Brand and Operating System

Aside from the general classification of tablets, you also have to consider the brand and its advantages. It takes a bit of research to find out what the brand has to offer.

The common question is Apple of Android. Should you get an iPad or a Galaxy Tab? The internet is replete with comparisons between these two brands. Samsung runs on Android OS, Apple runs iOS.

When buying a tablet, you also have to consider the operating system you want to use. If you are a PC Windows user, you might find the Samsung Galaxy tab more convenient to use compared to an iOS. However, if you really want Windows and Android doesn’t cut it for you, Microsoft has tablets that run on Windows.

If you are a Mac user, you might find the iPad as the better choice since you are used to the interface and you can easily synchronize files from your iCloud. You want your tablet to be connected with your Macbook. You want to be able to airdrop files from your tablet to your iPhone.

Consequently, if you have an Android phone, you may want to partner it with an Android tablet for the same purpose. If you want to experience both worlds, you can also choose to have an Android tablet while still keeping your iPhone and vice versa.


Now if you are settled with the brand and the operating system, you may want to choose a tablet that fits your budget. Regardless of the specifications, you have to afford something to buy it. What gets you the most out of your money is already a good purchase? It’s a good thing that tablets can come in various price ranges.

Specifications and Features

Each tablet computer model offers something unique, or at least, has a combination of specifications that makes it different from other tablets on the market.

You will have a feature in mind that you give most importance to. It is your non-negotiable in looking for the right tablet for you. For example, if you find it difficult to charge often, a long battery life should be a top consideration in picking a tablet.

If you want to watch movies with your tablet or you just need a bigger display for whatever reason you may have, there are large display tablets on the market. If it is sound quality that you are after, there are tablets that have Dolby Surround speakers, for example.

If you want to use your tablet for editing photos, there are tablets that have a very high resolution display and are made especially for heavy graphic design. If you really just want to read e-books, a Kindle might do.

There are countless of considerations you might need in finding the right tablet for you. Marketing strategies may entice you on a tablet that’s not really right for you. You must not forget why you want a tablet in the first place. Avoid being disappointed because there is a mismatch between what you want and what the tablet computer actually offers. All you need is the proper knowledge through careful research.

You have to really understand what is it that you want to do with your tablet and what specifications you will need from a tablet to help you achieve that. There could be no perfect tablet where you get to have it all in one device, but you have to know what is your most important consideration and what specifications are you willing to compromise to get what you think you need.


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