What is a Tablet Computer?

What is a Tablet Computer

In the modern world, the tablet computer is quite a tricky gadget to buy. What is a tablet? How is it different from a laptop or a smartphone? Some consumers may find themselves wondering why they need to buy a tablet computer when they already have a laptop and a smartphone because the tablet is sort of “in between” a laptop and a smartphone. Or is it really?

What is a tablet computer?

A tablet computer or simply known as the “tablet” is a mobile computer device that is basically a touchscreen display. It may come with other sensors and ports such as cameras, microphones, speakers.

Using a tablet is very straightforward, all you have to do is use your finger or a stylus that comes with it. You just touch the screen and it should register your gestures and interpret them as commands. Unlike desktop computers or laptops, it does not come with a keyboard.

You can type on its screen. It also does not come with a mouse or a trackpad because you can point and click directly on the touch screen display. However, as mentioned earlier, it may come with ports. You may attach a keyboard, a mouse, or other accessories at your convenience.


The tablet computer started with the development of the pen computing technology, which refers to technology that makes use of a computer interface wherein a user uses a “pen” or a stylus instead of the regular keyboard and mouse. Tablets have been around since 1888 with the telautograph, which is a flat information display and is considered as the first ever type of tablet made.

We still have tablets in the market today. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, as well. Despite tablets being “in between”, people still use it. According to PC Magazine, 31% of Americans own a tablet for watching videos and reading the news. 62% use Android tablets while 36% use iOS based on a 2013 survey. Developers are not only targeting smartphones, but they are also working on developing applications for tablet computers.

Tablet Computer and the Consumer

Currently, it’s presumed that you own a smartphone or a mobile phone at the very least. The difference between a tablet computer and a smartphone is that a tablet computer is larger and can sometimes have a computer operating system.

Smartphones and mobile phones run mobile operating systems like iOS or Android. Tablets may run Windows just like your PC. It may also run both. Your tablet can do more than your smartphone, but at the expense of mobility since it has to be bigger.

To give you a better idea of what a tablet computer is, knowing how it is best used might help.

The Business Man

If you always go on business trips, as much as possible, you want to travel light. However, there are times that you have to prepare your report while in transit. Bringing a laptop might be dangerous aside from just being cumbersome.

A tablet will come in handy in these kinds of situation. Tablets are light and it can help you make your presentations and reports. If your tablet’s screen is wide enough, you can present your report through your tablet’s display. Usually, tablets also have longer battery life. It gets the job done.

The Couch Potato

If you especially love watching series after a long day at work, you might find yourself getting sick at the idea of watching on your desktop computer. You’ve been in front of it for 8 hours already. Besides, you want to be on your bed. You could use your laptop but the laptop is bulky and it heats up. Your phone could stream your TV series, but the display is too small.

A tablet might come in handy. The display is large enough for you to enjoy watching your favorite shows. It is so convenient. You can watch while lying down or whatever position you find most comfortable.

You can even walk around your house while watching. You don’t have to pause it if you need to get something from the fridge. You can even bring it inside the toilet with you.

The Gamer

If you are a gamer, a tablet experience is superb. There are games that can only be played using a touchscreen interface. You can also play the mobile games on your phone with an improved display. You can even play PC games on your tablet.

It’s a different experience and one that cannot be missed by any gamer out there. In addition, unlike gaming consoles, tablets can do a lot of things. You can play games and at the same time check your Facebook or talk to someone on Skype. There are endless possibilities.

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The Bookworm

For the bookworm, tablets are a blessing. Instead of going to the bookstore and maintaining an actual library, you can have a digital library instead. E-books are now available. It is easy to purchase books.

The books you like will never run out of stock, the books do not deteriorate, and you can easily access and share them. With a tablet computer, you can read anywhere, even in the dark. You will no longer have any problems with the lighting.

While a laptop can do this, a tablet is more mobile. It is lighter and easier to carry around. The smartphone, on the other hand, has a smaller display. Sometimes, it’s not readable or you have to always keep on scrolling.

The Student

Do i need tablet for college? If you are a student or someone in the academe, you can take the advantages that bookworms get from a tablet and so much more. You can create your documents at the tip of your fingers, take down notes, record audio files, send emails, and keep in touch with people from school and people at home. There are a variety of applications that increase productivity. All you have to do is download them.

Should you get a tablet computer?

If you have the luxury for it, getting a tablet computer is never a waste because you will always find a good use for it. A tablet computer is a very useful and powerful device. Its selling point? It can do more than your smartphone with its larger display while still being portable.


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