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The best large screen tablet – iPadPro

iPadPro - the best large screen tablet

iPadPro - the best large screen tablet

Apple has made its brand throughout the years with a little arrangement of products designed to engage as many individuals as possible. A system that the company has somewhat distanced recently, attempting to adjust to the tastes and different needs. This is particularly true with the best large screen tablet – iPad Pro, a niche gadget, which could incorporate more allure experts and inventive than everybody.


Large screen tablet, gorgeous gaming and videos, wonderful for drawing, split screen multitask, almost 10 hours of battery life.


Still expensive, heavy and large to hold by one hand.

Overall Score


You need to see the iPad Pro in person to handle how the new Apple tablet is a tablet with big screen. The iPad Pro is not only somewhat bigger than the Air iPad 2 or different tablets available, it is dramatically larger. Luckily, weight and thickness have not so much expanded proportionally. The best iPad right now: iPad Pro, in spite of its overstated measurements, is likewise a weight similar to that of the first iPad. For the rest, the iPad Pro takes after its antecedents, with an almost identical design. However, some differences can be noted, especially the presence of four speakers rather than two.

It is good to note that the design similar to other iPad is perhaps not always for the better by cons. I have the impression that the iPad Pro will be mainly used in landscape mode, not portrait.

best large screen tablet - iPad Pro
best large screen tablet – iPad Pro


The iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch wide screen with a good resolution of 2732 by 2048 pixels (264 dpi). This is a screen of a decent quality which has the same anti-reflective coating as its predecessors. The device is equipped with a fast fingerprint reader TouchID, which opens the gadget basically by tapping on the home button with scanned finger.

The iPad Pro is the most powerful mobile device produced by Apple to date, with its A9X processor and 4 GB of RAM. It can takes great pictures as it is equipped with the same 8-megapixel camera on the back and 1.2 megapixel front as the Air iPad 2. The Pro version sports four speakers offering a louder stereo sound, depending on the position of the tablet. Music, movies and games require more of headphones, even for those who have the ear a little harder.

best large screen tablet - iPad Pro features


In the back time, Steve Jobs was widely criticizing pens, but the Apple co-founder probably wasn’t thinking about a 12.9 inch tablet, which is good deal for some target audience such as graphic designers and artists. The iPad Pro’s Stylus permits to compose or draw virtually with perfect precision.

Unlike the offered pens from Wacom, Samsung or Microsoft, the Apple’s pencil gives the impression of having a real pencil, it’s moreover its weight. In addition to the Bluetooth, the iPad Pro is able to feel when approaching the Pencil of the screen. Al last, Apple integrates an accelerometer in Pencil, allowing it to know when incline the Stylus and apply the good impact, just like a genuine pencil.

best large screen tablet - iPadPro pencil
iPad Pro Pencil


IPad Pro is the best of tablets with big screen that money can buy, with its great screen and power’s plenty. As mentioned above, the huge screen size of 12.9 inch makes it a good choice for graphic designers and architects, this is the best drawing tablet on the market. The tablet is actually for people who likes to manipulate images on a touchscreen, drawing and sketching and watching Netflix in the bed.

The IPad Pro will not replace the laptop, despite the split screen multitasking, power, size and the potential for productivity with the features of the iOS.

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