Tablet Buying Guide 2017 : Which Tablet Is Right For You And Your Budget?

Tablet Buying Guide 2017 Which Tablet Is Right For You And Your Budget

Larger and equipped with more features than a smartphone, yet more portable than a laptop, the tablet has taken the tech world by storm. Hundreds of different tablets are available in the market today and each comes with their own slightly different strengths, weaknesses and prices (of course). How do you make a selection out of so many options?

Tablet Buying Guide 2017 : Which Tablet Is Right For You And Your Budget?

There are three main questions that can help narrow down your list and figure out the right tablet choice for you. These questions are: what will you use your tablet for the most? What brand of tech products do you already own? What is your budget? Considering these three things will greatly help narrow down your search for the perfect tablet.

Tablet uses

The first of the three questions seems obvious, yet is often overlooked. As tedious as it seems, I would actually recommend writing down the top three to five things that you plan on using the tablet for. By writing them down, you really get yourself to understand what do you really want out of your future tablet. This list can be matched up with consumer reviews so that you can find tablets who have strengths in the areas that you deem important.

Tablet brand

Are you a Samsung or Apple user? None of the both? This is important! Why? Because compatibility matters. People! If you have a consistent brand throughout your tech devices then the overall transfer of information between devices is much simpler and less painful. So if you are already team iPhone, then keep it Apple with some kind of iPad so that all devices can communicate with each other easily and efficiently.

Tablet Buying Guide 2017


I would go through the first two questions BEFORE tackling the budget question, it is logical to hold off on price comparisons until you have a narrowed down the tablets that you are actually interested in buying. Once you are ready to seek the answer to the budget question. The first thing you must do is to decide your maximum price.

I would suggest writing this number down (yes, again with writing it down thing). Then you have a tangible number to work with moving toward. Once you do that you can look online at prices for the specific tablet that you have found best suit you. If the retail store prices are out of your range, look at places like and other online sites, often times lower prices can be found there.

If those prices are still too high then a used version of your ideal tablet may be a viable option (they may not be all shiny and new, but they function all the same). Also, looking at an older version of your ideal tablet is another affordable alternative (think of it like getting the iPhone 6 after the iPhone 7 released, similar features, but the iPhone 6 was the MUCH cheaper option).

If after looking through all these options you still cannot find your ideal tablet in your price range, them SAVE UP and WAIT, this may seem defeating at first, but at least now you will know how much you need to buy the right tablet for you.


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