Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Review

If you are in the market for your first tablet, Samsung have produced an entry level device with the Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6, which might just be the one for you.

If you have to consider your budget carefully, and need your tablet to work with you at university or college, an entry level tablet is the best choice. We will take a closer look at this Samsung tablet here and tell you a little more about how it performs.

We will give you short overview of the main features, and then dive into the pros and cons. You can also skip ahead to our verdict for our opinion on this Samsung Galaxy tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 is a smooth operator for its price range. It has a 9.6 inch screen with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. It comes with a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and 16GB hard drive.

It has a standard Android 5.1 operating System and has a 5 Megapixel rear webcam and a lithium ion battery with a nice long 20 hour life. It also has a 2Megapixel front facing camera.

You can also plug in your audio cables. But you came here for more than a list of features (even though we have you covered there) so let’s give you the pros and cons of this Samsung Tab.


  • The tablet has a 9.6 inch screen
  • It has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels
  • It has a 1.2GhZ Snapdragon processor
  • It has a 16 GB hard drive
  • It comes with Bluetooth wireless
  • This tablet has an average battery life of about 20 hours
  • It comes with Android 5.1 as an operating system
  • It has 16GB DDR 3 RAM
  • It has a webcam with a 5 Mega pixel resolution with auto focus function
  • It has a 5000mAh lithium ion battery
  • It has an intel processor
  • It has an audio combo jack
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds ( 0.54 kg)
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x5.9 x 0.4 inches (241 x 149 x 10 mm)


  • This tablet can read a SD memory card
  • The screen has a good size
  • The screen is responsive
  • This tablet has excellent performance especially in terms of its price class
  • Switching between apps is smooth and fast
  • You can easily open two apps simultaneously
  • The Android operating system updates quickly and runs well
  • The design is comfortable to hold
  • The widescreen works excellent for videos
  • It syncs easily with Windows media player
  • The battery life is good and lasts about a day even with regular use
  • This tablet offers smooth performance at a very reasonable price
  • The case is sturdy plastic and a power adapter is included


  • The 16GB memory is somewhat limited
  • The screen resolution is not as sharp as other higher end tablets
  • The speakers give bad tinny sound
  • The speakers are not high quality and can be difficult to replace
  • It is a thick and heavy tablet
  • It cannot be opened up easily and the battery cannot be switched out
  • The front facing camera only as 2 Megapixel resolution


This Samsung Galaxy E 9.6 is a well-constructed Tablet with a range of good features in its favor. It is quite light (even though it weighs in heavier than others) and has a sturdy plastic case with a non-slip back.

It is comfortable to hold, and the rectangular shape is just what you want to stream videos. It offers smooth operation with its Android operating system and doesn’t stutter but can have slight lag.

You will probably only notice the lag if you are used to working with more powerful tablets or smartphones. Samsung does support multitasking and if your apps support it, you can run them parallel without experiencing too much lag.

The built in GPS also works quite well, but won’t be as accurate as a purpose built device, but it will help you find new places in a new college town. You will also be able to do some casual gaming with no problems.

When it comes to the things that we don’t like, the main thing we have to focus on is the sound. The speakers are decent for this type of tablet, but the sound is not stellar.

It can be quite tinny, the volume is good, but if you want to really get good quality sound you will need headphones or speakers that can give you bass and range.

Another component to keep in mind is the front facing camera has a much lower resolution than the back camera (if you aren’t into selfies, no problem!) But for some applications you might want both cameras to have the same resolution and this will be an issue.

Also keep in mind that this tablet is a bit big boned. It is thicker than other models and even though it has a good amount of memory, the 16GB can be somewhat limited for those of you who need a lot from your devices. The pros and cons have been weighed, so now let’s give you our verdict.

Our Verdict

If you need something for general use, at home or at university or college this mid-range tablet by Samsung will really fit the bill.  It is not a high-speed sprinter, but a solid well performing tablet that will allow you to have a browser open along with a video app.

You can also enjoy some casual gaming and other mid-range apps. It is really well priced for what it offers, and will be a good first choice.

If you care a lot about your music and the quality of your sound, this tablet might not be the best music station. You will either need to invest in good quality speakers or headphones, or take a look at other models with designs aimed directly at sound quality.

All things considered, we can really recommend this Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6.  It should be a good choice to accompany you to college or your office.


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