Best cheap tablets with keyboards

Best cheap tablets with keyboards - Usability and Drawbacks

Best cheap tablets with keyboards

So, you’re probably wondering whether you should buy best cheap tablets with keyboards. There are various tablets with USB ports on the market today (Amazon, EBay…) that vary in prices. In addition, there are some key points that you should take into account when considering whether you need a keyboard, such as ergonomics. Is it user friendly? Are keys comfortable, and whether it would fit to my tablet. Another important key factor to consider is the usability of that keyboard. Will I have the writing software, or will it subdue another alternative? e.g. Desktop computer. Ultimately, it is the choice you need to make and after this article, you will have a better understanding of the concepts behind it.

As I’ve said previously, there are various keyboard products on the market which fit different tablets. Most of them come with Bluetooth technology, connecting on wireless network. This is an advantage for you I would say, because there will be less wires connecting on your tablet, such as Mini-USB port that most of the tablets have today. Unlike Mini-USB keyboards that connect to your tablet on a cable, Bluetooth keyboard will have its own battery that you would be able to charge when not in use. Overall, it depends on your needs, if you want to be more flexible on where you position your keyboard then I would advise you to take the wireless alternative. On the contrary, there are some drawback of using the keyboard on a tablet. At first, these keyboards usually are squashed in, smaller versions of the QWERTY keyboards. Most of them would not have the number pad, and keys are mostly small, very close to each other. This can be particularly annoying for a person that has big hands, whilst it may be more useful for younger people. Confidently, from experience, I can say that it wouldn’t substitute a proper desktop keyboard. In addition to that, one problem I had cropped up when using one of these was the processing power drainage – editing large documents with the lower, medium spec. tablet will usually result in slacking performance and lag. This can be annoying as when you write words as they will usually won’t keep up, therefore you will need to wait for them to appear on screen.

Here is list of best cheap tablets with keyboards in the market:

ASUS Transformer Book T300

You Save:N/A

Lenovo ThinkPad 10

List Price:$119.99
You Save:$1.99

Microsoft Surface 3

List Price:$499.00
You Save:$100.00

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

List Price:$999.00
You Save:$100.00

Ultimately, it will depend on your needs. I have laid out main key points here. Tablets with keyboards are useful if you want mobility, you should buy it as it can be used anywhere for as long as your battery holds. However, if you’re not fussed about this then I would highly recommend using desktop to fulfill your needs. Lastly, I want to add one more thing. IF you buy a keyboard, then you should take into account the need for a tablet’s holder/case which will support it when you are typing words up. I hope you will make the right decision and now you will have a better understanding behind the usability and drawbacks of having best cheap tablets with keyboards.


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