Best cheap Android tablets buying guide

Best cheap Android tablets buying guide

Best cheap Android tablets buying guide

When you are craving to exploit the power of a PC and enjoy the portability of a Smartphone, then a Tablet is your savior. There are several kinds of tablets from different manufactures coming with different features and operating systems. Although the manufacturer is an important factor to consider when shopping for a tablet, a much more important thing is operating system of your tablet. There are many operating systems out there, but the most popular of them are Android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows. However, as is it is for Smartphones, Android has become the trending OS featured in most of the popular tablets in the world. Here you will be guided on what to look for when buying a new Android tablet for you or for your friend’s birthday gift.

Best cheap Android tablets buying guide

The Manufacturer

There are many manufactures producing Android tablets to the market. Samsung being the most popular, they are well known for the quality of their tablets in terms of processing power, display and durability. Asus is known for being more affordable compared to its competitors, so if you prefer a decent tablet with average power and features while spending less on it, then Asus is your best choice. Google also produces their own Nexus Google-branded tablet devices, their first tablet to emerge was Google Nexus 7 which includes an HD screen with resolution of 720p and a Quad-Core processor. When trying to choose the right manufacturer you have to look for features and specifications but mostly important is feedback from people who have already used products from that manufacturer.

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Android version

Android comes in many versions. Having the newest version of android in your tablet means that you will be able to download and use most of the latest android apps and enjoy new cool features which are continuously added to android OS as the version goes up. Recently Android 5.0 Lollipop was the most popular version of android until the appearance of Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is the freshest version of Android.

Size and Weight

Who wants a tablet having the weight of a laptop PC? When buying a tablet portability is very crucial and main factors to determine that is the weight and size of your tablet. Manufactures have tried to provide you with a wider choice of sizes and weights to choose from.

– Small (6 – 8.3 inches)

Small tablets are best enjoyed on the move when you want to play games, watch movies or read without getting sweaty or hurting you wrists. Among the small tablets the most popular ones are the “Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0” which is 0.22 inches (5.6mm) thick, screen size of 8 inches and weighs about 0.58 pounds (265g). Another one of the like is the Nexus 7 which has just 7 inches of the display.

– Medium (8.9 – 10.1 Inches)

In this category you can have a tablet which is neither too large nor too small for your taste. There are many choices in this category to choose from, but among the most preferable and popular is the Sony Experia Z3 tablet Compact, the Nexus 9 and Galaxy Tab S2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

– Large (10.1 inches)

If you prefer more screen size for enjoying your movies or browsing then you can go with the bigger ones. This includes the Lenovo A10-70 having a Quad-Core processor and 1GB of RAM or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4.

Power, Performance and Storage

More processing power and Memory (RAM) means more performance for your tablet but too much processing power can cost you battery life. An Intel Atom chip may provide weak performance but offers longer battery life. To obtain both high processing performance and good battery life you will have to go deep in your pockets. Most android Tablets use ARM processors like Qualcomm. But Samsung Exynos, Intel Chips and Snapdragon processors are making their appearance in the most recently tablets. The Sony Experia Z4 brings the latest Snapdragon processor the Snapdragon 810 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 includes the Latest Exynos processors branded as Octa 7.

For decent performance a 1GB RAM is good to go, but more RAM means more performance and you can go up to 3GB of RAM.

Most tablets start at 8GB and doubles from there. It is a good thing to have more space to put your files if price is not a problem to you and you have to be aware of how much the storage is occupied by the OS and defaults apps. Also expandable storage is an important factor to consider though this may come at a cost, in terms of device performance and cost.

Display Quality

When you want to see more clear pictures you have to consider a tablet with more display pixels for the screen resolution and if you prefer a wide angle of view you have to look for the panel type.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

Camera and Other features

Camera has not been considered as a serious matter by tablet manufactures but a good tablet must have a primary (back) camera with at least 5 mega pixel and a VGA secondary camera for video calling. Connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular are also important thing to consider. Some tablets support the use of a SIM card but that comes with extra costs. When you want to have a tablet with no SIM card support you can always use your Smartphone’s Tethering Feature to share your cellular data network with the tablet.


Most specifications and features of any tablet are easily available on the internet or at shopping places. But specifications may not be everything you need before you decide to spend your hard earned money on a tablet. You need to read reviews and ask people on their experiences with that tablet you wish to own.


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