10 inch tablet buying guide

10 inch tablet - Samsung galaxy tab s2

10 inch tablet – Samsung galaxy tab s2

There are three main sizes of tablets display, these are small in the range of 7 inches, medium which can be a 10-inch tablet and large sizes up to 12 inches. It’s based on the need and for what it will be used. Reading, watching videos, playing games and professional work as well. 10 inch tablet buying guide below is showing the most important points to assist you to choose the right one.

There is 7-inch tablet such as iPad mini and are roughly the same sizes as that of a paperback book. These are ideal for reading, watching when moving and are not likely to make your wrist hurt when partaking any of the activities at home.

10-inch tablet is the most ideal one when you want more screen size. Samsung Galaxy Tab, original iPad and other brands are around these sizes. They offer better movie watching experience. They are however bigger for carrying around.

The key things to look for when buying a tablet are such as screen resolution and also aspect ratio. In terms of Screen resolution, choose a tablet with the highest number as possible. In terms of aspect ratio, depending on what you want to use the tablet for. Squarer screens are better for web browsing while horizontal screens are better for watching movies on. Most tablets operating on Android have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and is the same as the one for TVs. On the other hand IPads have an aspect ratio of 4:3 just like the old non-wide screen televisions.

In terms of connectivity, two major factors should be considered. Wi-Fi and Cellular, all tablets usually come with a Wi-Fi connectivity. Consider getting an 802.11 a/c connectivity tablet that is probably dual band. Single band 802.11n are also fine.

Cellular connectivity is however the most preferred one. Tablets that use sim cards cost more typically. You will then have to pay for the sim either on PAYG or on contract. It is important to note that you can share your smartphones cellular connection, this is done through tethering. If you prefer a cellular tablet, go for a 4G connectivity tablet. 

It is also important to consider features such as Bluetooth and NFC. Wireless charging is also an important factor to be considered. Some tablets also come with IR blasters or infrared transmitters and can therefore be used to control other gadgets around the house such as you TV and you radio.

In terms of storage, make sure to get a tablet that has as much storage space as possible. Do not be fobbed off by the idea of additional cloud storage. Most tablets will use 16GB and this should be the absolute minimum although more is always preferred. It’s also necessary to be knowing in advance the storage consumed by the Operating system and the storage space available by the user.

In terms of speed performance, a dual, octa-core or quad core has improved performance. More RAM is also good, choose between 1-3 GB ram or more.

Most tablets don’t come with the best cameras until you decide to spend more. Megapixels rating don’t necessarily mean that the tablets will produce good quality photos. Many tablets will come with at least one rear camera, two cameras are however important when the tablet is to be used for video calling. Avoid any tablet with a rating below 5Megapixels.

For the battery life, Choose a tablet that will last at least six hours and the recharge time will also be important to note.

The best tablet that will satisfy your needs is based on the budget, for what you need it and will you carry it always with you to look for the weight as well as the size.



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